chalenging workshop for an indian classical dancer

It was a great greetings from Pathashaala (KFI one of the great philoshophical school in india) for  taking workshop. Pathashaala is a J.
Krishnamurti school located in Vallipuram near Chengelpet. My workshop was for three days with amont of 50 kids together, who are highly infulence by mordern culture but i am not against it. Most interesting was when i reached school in the morning kids were not so happy  to see a classical dancer  there. We had a intruduction seasion at 10am during the workshop some of the kids came up with HIP-HOP, jazz and some international dance idea that they expected to learn during the workshop.

It was funny to  hear them when they have told me not having  much idea about indian classical dance, and they never had experience dance before.

My first step was to make them feel the space through their free  movements of body  which  easy for them to introduce to other c0-dancer dancing next to them through using the space.

pretty nice to see their reaction to each other while using space ,  in a while they started  enjoying the music which was semi-classical.   I was not having a preconcept  when i enter the school, after spending one seasion i do realise they should know what is dance with their own prespective, so i have chosen philip glass music which was inspiring for them to move .

slowly i use some classical steps into their movements which was created by their own inner feelings without their knowing. At the end of the session we came up with a choreography called INSIDE ME. They performe at the end of the session infront of all the teachers and other guest has come form chennai.

We had a interaction seassion after the performance infornt of everyone about how they feel about their first experience in dnace. Most of them love  classcial steps which they never knew what was it, they realise it later.

It was chelenging for me being a classical dancer to teach new generation who are so influence by mordern culture . I personaly respect all the mordern art form all over, but i belive we should know our own culture and build a great form out of it. Overall  it was great experience for me.

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