Nritta Karana’s which usually use in kuchipui dance

There are 108 karana’s describe by sage Bharata muni, the author of “NATYASASTRA” (Sanskrit text). In kuchipudi dance we can see use of Karana’s. karana’s are defined in the fourth chapter in Natyasastra. This karana’s are beautifully sculpted on the stone walls of various temple in south India, most of them in the “Chidambaram” temple (Chidambaram), the “ Brihadishvara” temple (Tanjavur), the “Sarangapani” temple (Kumbakonam), the “Tiruvu”, the “Arunachaleshavara” temple(Tiruvannmalai).

The Karan’s which mostly use in kuchipudi dance they are
1. Bhujangatrasita karana ( N S-24)

2. Garudapluta karana ( N S-70)

3. Bhramaraka karana ( N S-38)

4. Lata Vrischika karan (N S-46)

5. Gajakriditaka karana ( N S-68)

6. Vrischika karana ( N S- 47)

7. Vrishabhakridita karana ( N S -104)

8. Mayoora lalitha karana ( N S-80)

9. Harinapluta krana ( N S-83)

10. Kari hasta karana ( N S -87)

11. Simhavikridita karan ( N S- 90)



  1. What are the different Charis (one of the elements of Karanas) used in kuchipudi?
    Are they as often used as they have been on Bharatanatyam?

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