Slokam #1.
Pranamya sirasa devou pitamahamaheswarou |
Natyasastram pravaksyami brahmanayadudahrutam ||

Sage Bharta says to the sisyas (other sages) “I am going to recite the Natyasastra which was told by Lord Brahma for which I am praying to him, the creator of Natyasastra and Lord Siva the authority of dance”.

Devatanam sirastastu gurunamasya samsthithaha |
Vakshsthaschaiva vipranam seshetwaniyamo bhavet ||

Salutations should be offered above the head to the gods, in front of the forehead to gurus and scholars, and in front of the chest to Brahmins . There is no rule regarding salutations to others.

Vishnu sakti samutpanne chitravarne mahithale |
Aneka ratna sampanne bhumidevi namostute ||

Oh Bhumidevi, You are uplifted by the power of Lord Vishnu, colorful, owner of many gems and wealth. I am offering my salutation, which is having the above mentioned qualities.

Samudra vasanedevi parvatasthana mandale |
Natyam karishye bhudevi padaghatham kshamaswame ||

You are wearing ocean as your dress and mountains as your breast. I am going to dance now, so please forgive my stampings. The above two slokas are the descriptions of Bhudevi.

Katikarna samayathra kurparamsa sirasthatha |
Samunnathamuraschaiva saushtavam nama thath bhaveth ||

The waist and the ears will be in the same line, the elbows and the shoulders should be parallel to the neck, chest should be raised little bit front. This position is called saushtavam.

Prayena karane karyou vamovaksha sthithath karaha |
Charanasyanugaschapi dakshinasthu bhaveth karaha ||

Before beginning the dance, the hands should be held in front of the chest, the feet should be placed sideways with the heels touching, and dance should be started with the right hand and right leg


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