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Erasing Borders Dance Festival By Indo-American Arts Council – “DanceViewtimes”

Avijit Das performed at both concerts as well, but perhaps because he was pinch-hitting Saturday for another artist,
we saw him at his best on Monday. “Tarangam” showed off his nature in a way “Dashavatara Shabdam” didn’t.
To use ballet terms, Das is a petit allegro dancer: lithe and wiry, with speed, line, and a high center of gravity
that seemed to float even when he was heading down into a knee bend. “Dashavatara Shabdam” made him
lightweight instead of like a speed demon. In “Tarangam,” he showed off his musicality and attack, moving
side to side during the tongue-twisting patter, finally stopping in attitude front and passing through a stable
grand rond de jambe to the back… by Leigh Witchel – August 21, 2016

Avijit Das performing in Battery dance festival in New York.


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