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Transports The Audience To A Higher Plane – BWW

Avijit Das of Bangalore looked like a Disney Prince professing his undying love to some lucky damsel in “Dasavtaram, Tarangam”. Choreographed by Guru, Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam, this piece presented Mr. Das as both a prince and a warrior, or a tiger in love. Granted this tiger used spry pas de chats, slicing arms along a diagonal, and a powerful attitude devant – that looked like a tail ready to envelop a loved one within a tight
embrace – to express his passion. Ardor – or pride that is strong because of love – was what this dance communicated to me, particularly during the bowl dance. In the final section of this solo, Mr. Das stood on the edges of a brass bowl and shimmied rhythmically through lower body isolations to “walk” and slide forward across the stage. The vibrations of his lower body seemed to shake the very foundation upon which he
danced, and yet to look at him from the waist upwards was to see a smiling man hovering in the air. Words are inadequate in detailing such marvels; some things have to be seen to be believed…

Avijit Das
Battery Dance Festival Day 2. Wagner Park.
Photo Credit: Darial Sneed.

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